Mouthguards are removable soft applicances designed to protect the teeth and surrounding tissues during contact sports such as rugby, boxing and martial arts. We would need to take an impression and send it away to our specialist laboratory to be made, this ensures an accurate indivdual fit for each patient.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This term is used to describe any treatment which is not deemed wholly necessary to maintain dental health. i.e. aesthetic treatments such as discoloured teeth, whitening treatments, mis-aligned or imperfect appearances. A wide range of imperfections can be enhanced by crowns, veneers, inlays, bridges and bleaching etc. Because these treatments are individually tailored to each patient we would need to assess and discuss with you, your particular requirements and expectations.

Tooth Decay & Dental Repair

Tooth decay or dental caries is the process where the tooth becomes damaged by acids produced by plaque as a result of frequent sugar consumption. A variety of filling materials, including tooth-coloured (white) fillings are used at our Practice.

Decayed toothDecayed tooth White FillingWhite Filling


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