Almost 50% of the population do not visit a dentist regularly. Affordability is the main reason for this with 75% claiming it’s the cost that puts them off.

Purchasing dental insurance or joining our practice plan can take away the financial pain of dental maintenance and treatment.

From June 2005 we have set up our own practice membership plan scheme tailored specifically for our patients.
We believe quality dentistry is about regular inspections and maintenance. Our latest preventative dental techniques ensure that we prevent minor problems developing into major ones with the associated difficulties and expense to remedy them.
In return for a fixed monthly payment, we give you a comprehensive programme of maintenance, prevention and treatment.
This scheme is available as two options:


£ 20
  • 6-monthly check-ups including an oral cancer screen to ensure all is well
  • 2 scaling appointments per year in order to aid prevention of gum disease and help keep mouth feeling fresh and clean
  • All necessary x-rays
  • Treatment for sensitivity
  • Emergency appointments
  • Up to 10,000 dental accident insurance*
  • You will receive a 10% discount on any additional work you may need such as fillings, root treatments, crowns, bridges and dentures
  • The facility to spread the cost of more complex courses of treatment
Option A provides our patients with a preventative programme of dental care with a discount on any treatment required.


£ 24
  • All the benefits of Option A and up to 4 hygiene sessions, fillings and extractions. You will receive a 15% discount on any additional work you may need such as fillings, root treatment, crowns, bridges and dentures.
Option B adds inclusive treatments and spreads the cost of dental treatment over the year into a predictable monthly sum whilst an enhanced discount is applied to any more complex treatment. Under option B all your routine dental needs will be met and this may represent a significant saving when compared with paying standard private fees.
Usually yes, your mouth will be assessed after a course of dental treatment and a recommendation will be made for you to join the membership plan.
Take a few minutes to fill in a simple form at reception and then sit back while we do the rest. You can be secure in the knowledge that your dental health is safe with us.
For both options the following treatments are not covered:
  • Implants
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Treatment on referral
  • Any treatment requiring laboratory work eg. crowns, bridges, dentures etc.
We also work with the a number of insurance companies including but not limited to those listed below. If you belong to a dental insurer which is not on the list below, please do call us as this list is by no means exhaustive.

If you are thinking of taking out dental insurance please feel free to call Debra or Mark at Get Dental on 0800 0857 123 who will be more than happy to advise on what plans are out there.